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Interested in the music/entertainment/modeling fields? TKM offers a full range of music recording, composition & production services, music instruction (voice lessons, guitar, piano, sax, bass, congas), artist development/management, as well as professional makeup and photography. TKM Studios (TKM) is a one stop shop for musicians, dancers, models and anyone interested in pursuing their talent.

We presently offer our services at our studio and on location. As a recording facility, TKM offers one of the only fully digital recording and production facilities (DDD) in the Tampa Bay area. Utilizing only state of the art digital and computer technology, we can obtain incredible sound quality in a fast and efficient manner. This saves the artists we work with time, aggravation and money by doing it right the first time without the noise problems and unreliability of analog technology. We offer a full range of music composition & production services, including original songwriting, jingles, background music for commercials, television or film scores.

A critical part of promoting an artist or model is their packaging, as this is the image they present to the industry. Having an expert consult you with your package is critical.

Our music instruction program is spearheaded by industry veteran, Tony Mitri, who has a reputation for the ability to work with a wide range of students of all levels and getting amazing results. Students frustrated with traditional voice lessons teaching methods and slow results who come to TKM are amazed at the progress and results they are able to obtain under Mr. Mitri’s direction. Enhanced breathing techniques, expanded octave ranges, and overall increased vocal ability are just some of what you can expect from the instruction you will receive. Mr. Mitri can get results where other instructors have failed.

Client testimonials are available. Guitar and piano instruction is also available to enhance your overall performance ability or for learners just begin welcome students of all ages and skill level. We also offer artist development & management services to qualified artists at Mr. Mitri’s discretion. Mr. Mitri and his team will assess your talents, discuss your career goals and aspirations and advise you on how to take your career to the next level.

TKM Studios also offers professional makeup and photography services, as well as image consultation, to help you establish your projects efficiently.

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