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Piano Lessons

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Piano Lessons

All Ages and all Genre

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Get your fingers moving, play piano, now! Whether you’re a fan of Elton of Chopin, a complete beginner who wants to get playing quickly, or an experienced player eager to master your craft, TKM Studios has the perfect teacher for you. Everyone has a unique way of learning, and everyone wants to learn something different. Our teachers will design lessons aimed at helping you achieve your goals quickly all while having a great time. We offer individual lessons one on one. Lessons can take place at  our studios or Online. TKM Studios  focuses on creating good foundational playing technique, which allows students to perform with ease and beautiful tone. We teach all styles from classical, pop, jazz, rock, country, blues  & our piano teachers teach a variety of styles from classical to popular music. Beginners start with the essentials, for example getting familiar with the names of the keys, reading notes and rhythms, playing one hand songs and progressing to two hand exercises.

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