Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

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Voice Lessons
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For Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced - Professionals
Ask singing teachers questions

You’re going to learn far more about singing by asking questions. Before you get started, feel free to reach out to different teachers and see who gets back to you. It’s really important that you’re clear about what you want and the experience you have. This will help a teacher find out how you should be practicing to ensure you are working on the right things & in the right way.

Many untrained singers spend years experiencing their voice sounding & feeling amazing one day and then an absolute wreck the next without having the slightest clue what they did wrong or right. Taking singing lessons with a good singing teacher will enable you to get to know your voice, what works, what doesn’t and why and how to correct it. Once you realize you have control and are in charge of your own voice, your confidence will really soar! So, do singing lessons work and do singing lessons work for everyone? Yes, undoubtedly, an experienced trainer will help to get the best out of your voice.

Build a strong foundation with vocal exercises

Many singers can become impatient and bored with the exercise and technique part of a lesson but it is vital that this is included in every lesson and then practiced regularly.

This will build a strong foundation helping the voice to become balanced and stable so when tackling challenging songs it will be far more achievable to sing with ease enabling you to add style and emotion to make it unique to you

Correct and develop your vocal technique

You can expect to be given an individual plan specifically designed for your voice. You’ll be introduced to vocal exercises that will warm up your vocal cords safely and also address areas in your voice that were highlighted as requiring focus.

Be prepared however, this can often be a lengthy process. Although you may experience some improvements right away, you’re working with very delicate internal muscles that are in some cases, being asked to undo all the old bad habits and build up new good ones!

  1. Posture and Alignment
  2. Breathing & Breath Management
  3. The Larynx & Phonation
  4. Vocal Tract & Resonance
  5. Registration & Voice qualities
  6. Articulation
  7. Vocal Development through the lifespan
  8. Singer’s Hearing
  9. Warming up and Cooling Down
  10. Maintaining vocal health

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